Cinderella Mantras & Kickstarter Focused

No one tells you how all consuming a kickstarter campaign is, it literally becomes everything! 20 days and a fair amount of money left to go, but there’s also this sort of Fairy-Godmother mentality that takes over with this, the whole, it-only-takes-one-person-to-make-a-huge-difference or at-the-very-last-minute-everything-will-come-together mantras that run on repeat in your head. Thing is I really do believe that – that this thing can still happen. That it will be my blessing, so I’m holding on and staying idealistically optimistic – plus, I got new flyers made. The plan is to hand them out at bookstores/cool places in the hopes that folks will be persuaded to support. Let me know what you think, if you saw these flyers you’d pick one up right? Say ‘oh how interesting!’ or ‘this piece of paper makes me want to donate money to a stranger!’ Right? Cause that’s what all brilliant advertising does. Or not, I may be delirious – lack of sleep, mental power spent repeating Cinderella type mantras, so I’m just going to pretending that you’re agreeing with me, that you’re all nodding and saying yes, as I am nodding and saying yes right along with you. Oh and the flyer is below – thanks as always for taking the time to read and allowing me to share.


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