Why writers aren’t quitters.

You’re dreams never come covered in the practical stuff – the non dreamy stuff. I was always just going to write and it was, well…romantic, before the actual goal setting and true decision making. Before then it was just the idea of coffee shops and fingers fluid over keyboards, late nights or early mornings and the quiet sound then of fresh pens over rough paper.

But then you set a goal, or maybe better said, you decide, as a writer, to do the incredible thing, and write – something specific. To commit to create in such a way that it must become more than a diary entry here, a poem there, the beginnings of a short story that you’re sure will be good, and say instead, I will build a whole thing, a whole big thing made up of these words and I will say it will not be pieces of me, but it will be (because how could it not), and then I will hold it up for the world to see, wanting to hear from them, be seen by them, all while pretending the only opinion that really matters is my own.

Even that sounds romantic, in a slightly tragic, destined, Poe-ish sort of way when the truth is the holding up for the world part, is completely unromantic – or maybe even unnatural for a writer; building platforms, engaging socially, even if that social sphere is mostly flat blinking screens or running twitter conversations, marketing and asking and reaching, when most writers (this writer) are more comfortable hiding, burrowing, watching, listening to the turns and lilts in their head before finding a way to share that on the safe blankness of a page.

But then you learn the trade off – how those unnatural things, the reaching and platform building, become traction for the magical things, the creation, the world building, the release of stupid stubborn words that become cunning and seductive when laid out straight.

I had a goal when I started typing these words, more shameless plugs, more if you’re reading this I could use your support, more if at first you don’t succeed try, try again, there is always another way, another push – more no time to be sad because my kickstarter campaign wasn’t funded, that I was right back on the horse, new campaign, because why….because writers aren’t quitters, we can’t be, it’s not in our nature. And maybe that goal’s been met, maybe not, sometimes you can’t tell by the words, especially when they’re your own. In every concrete way I guess they will be, I’ll post the link for my new campaign below. And then I’ll go back to the magical and unnatural things, and eventually, probably hold them both up for you to see, wanting to hear from you – pretending if I don’t it doesn’t matter, because there’s always another push, another go. Cause writers aren’t quitters.

and if interested in checking out my kickstarter here it is: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/933574697/still-wrote-a-book-still-hoping-youll-read-it/widget/card.html?v=2

Cinderella Mantras & Kickstarter Focused

No one tells you how all consuming a kickstarter campaign is, it literally becomes everything! 20 days and a fair amount of money left to go, but there’s also this sort of Fairy-Godmother mentality that takes over with this, the whole, it-only-takes-one-person-to-make-a-huge-difference or at-the-very-last-minute-everything-will-come-together mantras that run on repeat in your head. Thing is I really do believe that – that this thing can still happen. That it will be my blessing, so I’m holding on and staying idealistically optimistic – plus, I got new flyers made. The plan is to hand them out at bookstores/cool places in the hopes that folks will be persuaded to support. Let me know what you think, if you saw these flyers you’d pick one up right? Say ‘oh how interesting!’ or ‘this piece of paper makes me want to donate money to a stranger!’ Right? Cause that’s what all brilliant advertising does. Or not, I may be delirious – lack of sleep, mental power spent repeating Cinderella type mantras, so I’m just going to pretending that you’re agreeing with me, that you’re all nodding and saying yes, as I am nodding and saying yes right along with you. Oh and the flyer is below – thanks as always for taking the time to read and allowing me to share.